For attorneys, lawyers and legal counsels:

  • Provision of expert opinions in penal, civil, economic cases ( claims, appeals, statements, review appeals etc.)
  • Professional consultancy

For business entities and private individuals:

  • Supervising and controlling of communication, PR and media agencies, advisors
  • Communication audit and corporate screening
  • Interim management services
  • Budget controlling and audit ( corporate communication, campaigns, events, film production, publishing etc.)
  • Communication audit of campaigns
  • Media analysis
  • Training program
  • Curriculum development
  • Internal controlling
  • Public procurement management
  • Professional consultancy in media cases and claims of rights relating to personality

For authorities:

  • Provision of official expert opinions for the national police, tax and customs authorities as well as for prosecution services and courts


Registered by the Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement of the Government of Hungary as
official forensic expert company ( Reg. No. 008633). ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate Reg. No. 100-0455)